Hendy's Coffee

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Born From The Heart of Arizona Desert

"Some marketing person said we should say we're "Passionately small-batch roasted, every sip captures the essence of dedication and love for our craft." But that sounds so corporate that is makes me laugh because who actually talks like that?

I'm a coffee lover like you and I love sharing good coffee with friends. I've been in the coffee industry for almost a decade as a roaster, barista trainer, cafe manager, coffee educator, and most recently - a private barista (check out the coffee cart inquiry below 👀)

My small team and I are committed to supporting the local coffee community and fellow coffee lovers. Being a small operation, we know we don't have everything you might need. However, being in the Arizona Coffee Scene for almost 10 years, if I can't get you what you're looking for, I know someone who can. If you don't have a coffee professional in your world to ask questions to or just talk coffee, I'd love to be that person for you. This is my passion, this is my business, I love what I do and I love nothing more than sharing it with people. Thanks for taking the time to think of Hendy's Coffee."

-Sam Henderson (Founder & Private Barista, Hendy's Coffee)

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Mailing Address: 8390 E Via De Ventura, STE F110, Scottsdale, Az 85258

Phone Number: 602.456.9477

Email: hello@hendyscoffee. com